At A Hand In Health Massage LLC I am committed to helping you get back to a better quality of life. I am happy to help my clients feel relaxed, less stressed and with pain management. I am certified in medical massage, Swedish/therapeutic massage, and prenatal massage. Currently I am not advertising for prenatal massage as I do not have the equipment I would like for it. Message me for more details to see if you qualify for a prenatal massage. I offer Hot Stone Massage with special stones called Synergy Stones which are specific massage tools that are shaped for both retaining heat and doing therapeutic work. Both relaxing AND useful.

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Standard Therapeutic Massage 

60 Minutes - 80$

90 Minutes - 110$

Our basic therapeutic massage service is for those that want therapeutic work or want to just relax. Or any combination thereof.  At your massage consultation I will ask you specific questions to gain an understanding of what type of massage you are looking for. Such as what areas pain you the most or areas you would like avoided. The time is yours for the type of massage you would like!

Deep Tissue Massage

10$ Upgrade to any massage session

Deep tissue is for more focused work into the deep bellies of the muscle. This is all about YOUR perspective as a client. You have 2 options with deep tissue. 1. (The most common) You just like firmer pressure and I can accommodate the pressure you would like. I will check in with you during the massage to make sure the pressure is correct and not hurting. Or 2. We can spend your entire massage session on 1 to 3 specific areas of the body that give you the most trouble to try and work those areas out to get you back the best range of motion and less pain. The choice is yours when it comes to deep tissue as people have different views on this type of work and I believe in accommodating to your preference.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes - 95$

90 Minutes - 125$

Feel the relaxation and the work with our unique hot massage stones. I have a specific brand of stones called Synergy Stones that are shaped like specific massage tools to help your muscles not only relax with heat but also allow me to keep working your muscles at the same time. These stones are special in their shape and also in their unique ability to hold heat longer.

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