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Add on and upgrades for treatments
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At A Hand In Health Massage LLC we have policies and procedures in place to protect you and to ensure the safety and efficiency of our business as well.
BOOKING ONLINE: Most appointments can be booked online, however if you are having difficulty please reach out via text or email only. We typically are not available for phone calls. 
DO NOT prepay when booking an appointment. I am unable to adjust any payments at all when you prepay. Such as with any discounts that can possibly be applied. It is best to purchase a gift card if the payment is for another person you are booking for or pay in person. Thank you.

CREDIT CARD POLICY: We require a credit card to be put on file at the time of booking service to ensure the appointment is held both on our end and on yours. We do not charge your card until payment arrangements have been made with you. You may choose to use a different card for payment or a gift card or another form of payment that is accepted for your service. However, if you choose to make your final payment at A Hand In Health Massage a credit card is still required to hold your appointment.



We DO NOT accept checks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

Draping Policy: Blanket and sheet combo are used for draping at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. The area of your body being worked on currently will be the only area uncovered at a time. No two areas will be exposed at once. We DO NOT uncover or massage any genital/erogenous areas. Breasts & Butt & Front Butt will remain covered at ALL times and will not be permitted to be undraped by a therapist or by the client. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the appointment being ended immediately and the client will be asked to leave. Payment will still be charged to the clients' form of payment on file. The client will not be permitted to book any future appointments with us. If you are hot during your appointment, we can make you more comfortable by turning the fan powers up higher, reducing the air conditioner temp, and/or uncovering your feet to allow air to cool your body through your feet extremities being uncovered. 

Zero Tolerance Policy: 

I am a professional Massage Therapist that has absolutely zero tolerance for any implications in even the slightest way.

The definition of implications is:

The conclusion that can be drawn from something although it is not explicitly stated.

I will not tolerate any comments, advances, or remarks that make me uncomfortable or cross the boundaries of my ethics, character, and professional demeanor.

All clients will be fully draped with a sheet and top blanket throughout the massage with only uncovering of the area of the body that I am currently working on, NOT TO EVER INCLUDE any genitalia areas. If you are truly warm, then I can uncover your feet and arms for more cool air to hit you and we may also turn on the fan to help make you comfortable. But draping will remain, and no towel draping is permitted.

I will end the massage immediately and politely dismiss you. You will not receive a refund and will be responsible for payment. I am very serious about this.

This is a professional therapeutic massage for your health, benefit, and well-being. Please keep any and all thoughts to yourself that are not within the realm of a medical healthcare environment.

I really look forward to helping you relieve the stress that comes from work expectations and daily life!!!

I will do everything I can to research what is best for your body. I will respect your confidentiality and your vulnerability on my table.

Please, do the same for me.

Thank you,

Melissa Powers, MA#88896

Refund Policy:

We do not offer any refunds. Our services are just that, a service. As such, no matter the quality of the service, it was performed and our prices are set for that service. We do aim to provide high-end quality services but our services may not be to every person's liking. However, the service was performed and must still be paid for.


Packages may be transferred to another member with your emailed consent to do so and how many. Packages are non-refundable. Any upgrades or gratuities are not included in the package purchase and are due at the time of each service.


Gratuity is an appreciation of your therapists' work and is greatly appreciated. Gratuity does allow our business to support our family and community. But gratuity is NEVER expected and the amount in which you choose to tip is up to you. We do not know what your personal finances or what your life situations are, so your gratuity is totally up to you. We Thank you!

Late Arrival:

If you are running late to your appointment for ANY reason, we can not give you any time back. It is your responsibility to plan your travel time and calendar accordingly. We have appointments lined up each day and need to prepare and be on time for each appointment. We can not give extra time back to a person that is late. It is not fair to other appointments or your therapist to ask them to give you extra time. Please arrive at your appointments 10 minutes early to ensure you get your full appointment time.


We will gladly cancel or reschedule an appointment for you with 24-hour advanced notice given at no charge to you. Please be advised below of our no-show/missed appointments policy below.

No-Shows/Missed Appointments:

Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to miss their appointment for any reason will be considered a "no-show". If at-least 24-hour notice is not given for your original massage appointment, your appointment is considered a No-call/No-show situation. 


Emergencies and acts of God are excluded from this and are at the MASSAGE THERAPISTS' discretion unless this is a recurring problem by you.

Gift Certificates: 

Gift Cards are available for purchase and do not expire in the state of Florida. Gift cards may be transferred to other members if you are unable to use your card or for gifting purposes. Any remaining amount of services scheduled and performed that are not covered by the amount on a gift card are the responsibility of the person receiving the massage and are due at the time of service. 

In the case of a No-call/No-Show situation, a gift card on file may be voided to cover expenses of a no-show/no-call fee up to the full amount of your service. The client will be notified via email of this transaction. 

*Gift Cards are non-refundable. If for some reason we do refund a gift card at our discretion, you will only be refunded for the amount AFTER credit card processing fees and a service fee of $10 are deducted. To avoid any fees from a refund, please feel free to pass on your gift card to a friend or family member that could use a great massage! By purchasing any gift card, you are agreeing to these terms.

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