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A Hand In Health Massage LLC
​​At A Hand In Health Massage LLC we are dedicated to lending a helping hand in the community and in your health. Massage provides a natural path to healing that is not acknowledged as much anymore in our modern world. Massage dates back to prehistoric times and we aim to help everyone find their way back to this older form of health and healing. We combine the clinical aspect of a healing massage with relaxation and the spa atmosphere. Our ultimate goal is to help each individual understand what the root causes of their pain are and help them achieve a better quality of life by treating those root causes through massage therapy. Of course, we are not doctors and cannot diagnose but we can guide and refer out for more serious concerns. Come in today for a massage and get on a routine to get back to a healthier you! Learn how this came to be below.

A Hand In Health Massage LLC was founded by myself, Melissa! I have been licensed as a massage therapist for 6 years but have had a passion for it and have been learning about it since I was a child. I have always loved my job and it is never work to me!

I started A Hand In Health Massage with the dream of one day having a fully run spa that is more than just a spa. I would like to combine both the clinical aspect of medicine with the spa-like atmosphere. I want to treat customers the way doctors did back when medicine was first founded. I want you to feel better and not just be another number on the books.

At A Hand In Health Massage LLC one big difference with us over franchise spas is you get your FULL time! We do not cut your massage by 10 minutes so we can get ready for the next person but still charge you for 60 or 90 minutes. You get your FULL TIME! Another difference we will have later is when we have employees who will be taking care of our team to the fullest. Happier employees trickles down the line to happier clients! You are the backbone of any business and we want you to be happy too!

Help me grow into the company I am dreaming of. Come in for your treatment and find out for yourself if A Hand In Health Massage is the place for you!

Currently at A Hand In Health Massage:

Currently, I do not have a receptionist. I am playing owner, receptionist, and massage therapist all in one. I am typically not available for the phone. You can reach me with questions by text or email. Email is usually the quickest. After work hours my work phone is put away so that I can be with my family fully. I hope you all can understand that until I have reached a point in which I am able to have more help. I have an online booking system set up so that you may schedule your own appointment at your convenience and also gather the needed information for first-time clients. I do require you to book your first appointment online. 

I look forward to serving you!

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