To learn more about why and how we do things read the sections below! 

Scheduling an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment go to our website and click the "book now" button from any page of the website. Once you click the button you will be taken to our booking page that is backed by Vagaro, a scheduling system. Once there, click the 3 horizontal lines and it will give you a list of choices for what you would like to do. It will then take you to the vagaro site where you can create an account and schedule your appointment based on our current availability. If you are having difficulty or are questioning something you are welcome to text or email me. However, I may not be able to get back to you for a while. That's not to say you will never hear back from me in a timely manner, just know that the possibility is there. On top of massaging clients, I have personal obligations as well that do not allow me to be actually talking on the phone with clients all the time. A text or email is much easier and quicker to get ahold of me than waiting for a phone call back. 

Credit/Debit Cards: 

Yes, A credit or debit card IS required to schedule an appointment. Regardless of whether you are coming in on a gift card or coupon or any other form of payment. The card is still required to hold the appointment and will be kept on file if you would like to use it for any other services or gratuity at your appointment. Of course, you are always able to change your form of payment at your appointment. We value yours and our own time and we want to ensure that everyone keeps their commitment to the appointment scheduled. We have it set up so that you can book your own appointment and put in your financial information on a secure system. This way you do not have to share it with us personally. However, if you are having issues scheduling your own appointment we only take clients' info through text or email. I am typically busy or with clients and can not spend time on the phone. So if you are uncomfortable sharing your info you will need to figure out how to schedule your own appointment. I can only answer so many questions as clients see a different screen than I do on the back end. 

Zero Tolerance Policy: 

Yes, Each client is required to sign the zero-tolerance policy. I am a professional! I do not solicit or perform any sexual services in any form or context, EVER! As a professional, I expect to be treated as such and not ever be put in a compromising situation. Massage therapy is slightly sexual by nature but we can all choose to be mature adults and reap the health benefits from it without putting anyone in an uncomfortable or compromising position, EVER! I will never violate anyone's personal boundaries as I expect everyone to not violate mine! We do not expose the genitalia and a blanket over top of the sheet is required at all times as both a barrier to you as the client to feel safe and protected as well as myself. If a client ever is too hot, we can adjust the fan in the room, remove the blanket and sheet from the feet only to help cool you or turn the table warmer off. But there is never a reason to remove the blanket fully as the room is a reasonably cool temperature.  Any misconduct will result in session termination, be reported to the proper authorities and your service will still be charged in full.


If you are rescheduling before the 5-hour minimum notice window then you may reschedule anytime with no penalty. If you are within the 5-hour minimum notice window or you have missed your scheduled appointment for that day it is a 10$ reschedule fee.

If you have missed your appointment and did not call or show up to your appointment, it will be a fee of half the cost of your service scheduled as a good faith payment that you will attend your next appointment.

If you wish to avoid the cancellation fee of up to the amount of your full service scheduled then you may choose to reschedule for only 10$. We value your time and our own. Just as we make ourselves available for your service, we expect our clients to respect our time as well. We understand! Things happen sometimes. We just need some notice. :)

Late: If you are late for any reason: it will cut into your appointment.

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