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Hi Everyone!

  I am so grateful to be serving all those that have come through my doors! Some of you already know how I got started but for those of you who don't here is my story. 

I have wanted to be a massage therapist since I was in middle school. My mother used to get chronic migraines and would always want someone to massage her neck and shoulders. It got to the point where she didn't want any of my other siblings doing it anymore because she only wanted me. She used to say "you have strong fingers for such a tiny girl". So, it inevitably put the idea in my head about massage therapy. My passion for the field was further pursued when I got to high school. We had something called the senior project. Where you spent the year studying your chosen career. That year I learned a lot about the field of massage therapy that made me sure that I wanted to go into massage therapy. However, after high school, life got in the way. I didn't pursue massage therapy until I had been out of high school for 7 years.  When I finally went to school for it, I had a profound sense of this is where I belonged all along. After graduating a went to work for a known spa to build on my skills and get a feel for what I wanted and didn't want in a massage. 

Now I have been in the field for 3 years and I have finally branched out on my own with a huge dream. My dream is to serve people better than most massage chains. I want to build a chain that serves their people, not just rushes them out for the next number to come in.  I like the idea of a chain because of the safety and the atmosphere of the place. But I want to build on that model. I want to give people actual care! I want to fully assess people's needs with a more thorough consultation rather than your typical "what do you want", 1-minute consultation that most chain massage places do. I really want to know my clients. I feel like I can help clients and I want to deliver! 

To those who are already a memeber; you are appreciated more than you know and I enjoy working with all of you.

To those that are not yet apart of our community; we hope to see you soon so you can find the value back in your massage! 


Thank you everyone for visiting A Hand In Health Massage!

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