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Bliss Boutique

All About Us

Bliss Boutique was started because we decided to become an affiliate of Closet Candy Boutique! Being an affiliate of Closet Candy Boutique means we get the amazing opportunity to offer high end fashion for amazing prices! We have everything from women's clothing to kid's cloths. We have shoes, belts, sunglasses and all the other accessories. We even carry this amazing bronzing tanner that is absolutely to die for! (not literally, of course!) lol. There is something on this site for everyone! In addition to being affiliated with CCB, we do have other associations that we are going to be apart of but we will share those later. We want you to think of Bliss Boutique as your one-stop-shop for everything. So do yourself a favor and follow our Facebook group to keep up  with EVERYTHING! You can do that by clicking here.

P.S. Our Facebook group is still growing, so help us grow by inviting all your friends! We don't want to keep all the goods to ourselves!

We chose to get involved with CCB because of the company's core values. They are helping to empower women and make women feel comfortable in their own skin. Helping women to feel beautiful inside and out!  We pride ourselves with CCB in styling women to their comfort, their liking AND, most importantly, their PERFECT fit! We do styling sessions through messaging to help you understand the correct size for your body and shape. We go IN DEPTH to help you get the best suit (pun intended!) And THAT falls right in line with A Hand In Health Massage LLC's values. We also believe in a better, healthier you! And that means feeling great in your own skin too.

CCB also is a great opportunity for women to affiliate with them at a super reasonable price. No inventory needed. No cold calling needed. No delivery needed. And NO quotas you are required to meet! If you are interested in becoming an affiliate just reach out to me or follow this link here

Get Your Personalized Style Session
From ME!


Send me a message below and include the following details about yourself to get the best results!

It is useful if you send a full length picture of your beautiful self but to do this you would need to send an email (not from this message board). However, this is an optional step.

To send email, send it to:

If you still want to use this message board include the following.

>Tell me your shirt & bottoms size.

>How would you describe your style or what style would you like me to style you for? (Can be multiples) (i.e. casual, comfy, glam, girly, business, date night, beach trip, weekender attire etc.)

>Include a full body photo of your beautiful self! (optional but definitely helpful!)

>Favorite colors and ones to avoid if any.

>What's your job or the thing you spend the most time doing. ( this helps to find out your personality a little better as well)

Thats it! I look forward to styling you & getting to know your beautiful self! 

& Don't forget to follow our Facebook group. Thats where i share sales, games and where you can win gift cards to shop online! Follow the Facebook icon below.

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I look forward to our style session together! I will be in touch soon. Watch your email, I will reply that way.

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